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Cal Clutterbuck is getting too much ice time

The New York Islanders are coming off a nice 3-2 win in the Coliseum opener, but Cal Clutterbuck leading the forwards in ice time is never a good sign.

Going to the game on Saturday was a perfect experience. The New York Islanders won, the tailgate was great, and the atmosphere was perfect. After looking at the box score some things definitely stood out from that game.

Cal Clutterbuck led all Islanders forwards in ice time. Before you say that the fourth line had a bigger role on Saturday, which is true, look at Matt Martin’s and Casey Cizikas’ minutes. Martin had 12:07 while Cizikas had 13:49. Clutter came in with 17:02.

Usually, you want your best players on the ice for as much as possible. You could probably make the case that Cal Clutterbuck’s been the worst forward on the team this year.

For some reason, Clutter is on the power play which is now 0 for their last 15. The power play has been comically bad yet nothing has changed, it’s still the same unit that includes Cal.

Over Cal Clutterbuck’s last 100 games he has just one power-play point. One! If we look at his regular scoring over that time he has just 22 points. Less than a quarter of a point per game is almost impressively bad.

If you’re going to replace Clutter with anyone on the power play why not Valtteri Filppula? He’s another guy that can take faceoffs if need be, he has an insane shooting percentage of 33.3 percent right now, and he has more of a scorers mindset vs Clutterbuck who is a battering ram on skates.

At times it looks like Cal just gets in the way, skating around without a purpose. I don’t want this to seem like Clutterbuck is the worst hockey player on planet earth, he’s not, it’s just giving him 17 minutes of ice time and time on the power play doesn’t make a lot of sense given his skillset.

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At this point in his career, he doesn’t give you a lot, especially when you have Leo Komarov and Tom Kuhnhackl who can do his job more effectively for a cheaper cap number.

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