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New York Islanders Daily: Offensive Struggles Post Deadline

In their initial video game soon after the trade deadline, the New York Islanders offense struggled in a 3-1 decline to Calgary. They were also -for-4 on the electricity perform.

Offensive struggles are nothing new for the New York Islanders this year. They are 23rd in the league in aims for, and only Minnesota and Dallas are playoff teams with fewer aims than the New York Islanders this year.

The cause why the frustration boiled over very last night was mainly because of the context of the deadline. Just two days back, Lou Lamoriello and the New York Islanders stayed put. They were allegedly “in” on deals but nothing got completed by the time the 3:00 pm deadline hit.

Just after the deadline came and went, Lamoriello instilled self-confidence in his staff indicating he believed in the men in the area, which is sort of ironic if he did in fact glance into large names like Mark Stone and Matt Duchene.

In the grand scheme of matters, sure, very last night was just a single video game but it was more important than just that. It offered the Islanders biggest flaws and put them on exhibit against a single of the leading teams in the league.

Versus a playoff caliber staff with a large amount more talent, will the Islanders be capable to hold up in a seven-video game sequence? That is a issue, I glance forward to observing answered come April.

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