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New York Islanders

New York Islanders Return Home To Coliseum

After three and a half years, the New York Islanders return home to play their first regular season game in front of a hungry crowd of fans.

It’s Christmas morning for New York Islanders fans. The day many thought would never happen is finally upon us. The Islanders will be playing a home, regular season game, at the renovated Nassau Coliseum.

When the Islanders were eliminated from the 2015 playoffs, many thought the team would never return. Cal Clutterbuck’s empty-net goal in Game 6 would be the final one we’d see at the Old Barn.

Now, for the first time in 1,316 days, the New York Islanders will be dropping the puck in front of an electric crowd in a few short hours.

Since a majority of the fanbase is from Long Island, the trip to the Barclays Center was never appealing. Forget about the off-centered scoreboard, the obstructed seats, and the overall lack of Islanders recognition, the commute was terrible.

Now, fans get what they wanted. Those in Nassau County, like myself can get in our cars and drive the 10 minutes to Nassau Coliseum. In addition to that, fans can tailgate once again, and of course, they’re already taking advantage of that.

A fan put up a post just after 9:00 am with fans already in the lot. If you’re going tonight make sure to stop by our tailgate too!

Us, Yesmen Outfitters, and Oyster Bay Brewing Company will be hanging out together in lot 3. There will be some drinks some food and good times had. You can’t miss us right by the main entrance.

Yesmen is already there, and we will be there shortly as well with the grill.

The crowd should be insane tonight, and likely the best atmosphere we’ve seen since the 2015 playoffs. When I went to Islanders vs Flyers at the Coli last preseason the crowd was into it and I’m sure the same will apply ten-fold tonight.

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For years, fans complained (rightfully so) about not playing at the Coliseum. Well, the wish was granted. Enjoy your day Isles fans, it’s well deserved.

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